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We need your support

The NVRI is strongly supported by its partners, sponsors and its members.Now more than ever the institute needs funds from its supporters. Such funds allow difficult research projects to be tackled which are beyond the 3 year Federal Government grant cycles.The more support the NVRI gets the more it can do and the more complex problems it can work on.

Become a sponsor

Companies and organizations can support the NVRI by becoming sponsors.

Become a member

Individuals can become members or governors.

Make a bequest

One of the most valuable ways to support the NVRI is through a bequest. Bequests can be added to existing endowment trusts or they can used to create a new endowment trust. Endowment trusts are held in perpetuity providing regular annual income to the NVRI and carefully invested to preserve the value of the initial donation.

Contact us if you wish to discuss a donation or a bequest that you would like to be held in a perpetual endowment trust.