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NVRI Governors

Principal Governor

Principal Governors are leading members and supporters of the NVRI who donate $1500 or more annually.

  • Mr John Nicola



Governors are generous supporters of the NVRI. Their membership subscription and donations are added to the Governors Endowment Fund. This fund was established in 1978 and has now grown to a significant sum through investment and continuing contributions by Governors. It provides vital assured annual  income for the NVRI in perpetuity. More details about becoming a governor are on the membership page.

  • Mrs Margaret M Banks OAM
  • Mr Bruce Besley
  • Mr Ian W Bourchier
  • Dr David Cockburn OAM
  • Professor Barry Cole AO
  • Miss Jean Colledge PSM
  • Mr Peter Haman
  • Mr Graham O Hill OAM
  • Professor Michael Ibbotson
  • Mr Rodney J Jackson
  • Mrs Susan F Kalff
  • Mr John Kingshott
  • Dr Jonathan Nathan OAM
  • Optometrists Association Australia (VIC) Ms Kylie Harris
  • Mr Kevin M O’Brien
  • Miss Dawn G Odgers
  • Mr Stephen Ryan
  • Mr Darryl G Wilson