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2002 - present day

New colours 2002

Dr Paul Martin
Professor Paul Martin

Professor Paul Martin, having been an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, was appointed Director of Research in 2002. Professor Martin was made a Professorial Fellow of the University of Melbourne, and joined the NVRI with the aim of pursuing research into the neural basis for colour vision.

Professor Martin transplanted his entire lab at the University of Sydney, to start afresh at the NVRI. A new Lions Vision Research Fellow, Dr Ulrike Grünert, was appointed to investigate the synaptic circuitry of the retina. The long-term goal of the research was to expand knowledge of how the eye and brain work together to give the sense of sight.

The work made numerous discoveries and contributions to our understanding of the neural substrates of colour vision and the connections in the retina. There was fruitful collaboration with Dr Richard Masland, Dr Barry B. Lee and Dr Jonathan Victor as Visiting Research Fellows to the Institute that resulted in many important publications being produced from these visits.

In 2007 the NVRI hosted the Summer Colour Conference, attracting many internationally renowned researchers to address current research, issues and methodologies in colour vision. In 2009 the NVRI hosted an International Symposium on Visual Processing which was a small meeting designed to highlight the advances being made in Vision Research.

Professor Martin resigned in 2009 to take up a chair at the University of Sydney and Save Sight Institute.

Ms Kalff stepped down as Chairman of the NVRI Board in 2010 after 13 years and was succeeded by Professor Nathan Efron.

Director NVRI Professor Michael Ibbotson
NVRI Director Professor Michael Ibbotson

Professor Sarah Hosking was appointed Director in March 2010 and handed over to Professor Michael Ibbotson in July 2011.

Professor Ibbotson was appointed Director of the NVRI in August 2011, he brought his research team of 9 people from The Australian National University, Canberra where he had been the Head of the Visual Science Department to Melbourne. He is currently the Director of the NVRI.

In 2012 Professor Trichur Vidyasagr became chair of the NVRI Board.