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Medical Bionics 17 – 20 Nov, 2013

Location: Phillip Island, Victoria

The third International Conference, "Medical Bionics – Engineering Solutions for Neural Disorders".

Dr Alex Hadjinicolaou and PhD student Matias Maturana both attended and presented at the biennial conference for eminent and early career researchers, clinicians and industry representatives working in the diverse field of medical bionics. Delegates travel from all regions of the world and bring expertise from disciplines as diverse as biotechnology, engineering, ICT, polymer science, nanotechnology and medicine.

Dr Alex Hadjinicolaou  presented "Optimal waveform parameters for extracellular activation of RGCs "

Matias Maturana presented "Identifying cells using features in the extracellular action potential waveform"

Themes explored at this years conference :

  • Medical Bionics Design, Development & Safety
  • Enabling technologies for medical Bionics: ICT; Smart materials & Smart Biology
  • Electrode-neural interface: Improving the efficacy
  • Drug delivery technology
  • Cochlear implants
  • Bionic Vision
  • Functional Electrical stimulation
  • Neurobionics: recording and stimulation in the central nervous system
  • Blue sky projects

Photos courtesy of Bionic Vision Australia

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