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Receptive Fields: Analysis, Models and Applications

Location: FENS Satellite Meeting, Berlin, Germany

The NVRI, in association with the Brain Function Centre of Excellence hosted a one-day Vision Science Satellite Meeting as part of the Federation of European Neuroscience Society conference program in Berlin on Friday 6th July 2018.

The meeting highlighed recent advances including new computational approaches to capture the non-linear feature selectivity of neurons in higher centres of the visual heirarchy, analylsis of the actual neural pathways in the brain that lead to observed receptive fields and the relationship of receptive field structure to theories of efficient and predictive coding.

It was a great opportunity and experience for the NVRI to run its first international meeting and for it to be so well received by the research community from all around the world - with those who attended locally from Europe to further afield such as Argentina and the USA.

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