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Brains that Read your Mind

Location: Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne Australia

This was the keynote event for Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017 and saw a full house of 450 people pack into the beautiful auditorium to listen to a panel of experts explain how brain-machine interfaces work, discover what is currently available and discuss the benefits and downsides of such technologies.

Attendees were also able to watch a live demonstration of a device that reads brain signals and uses them to operate a computer.

Michael was joined on stage by Dr Nick Opie, a biomedical engineer and founding Director and Chief Technology Officer at SmartStent, a Melbourne Company developing the "Stentrode", a paperclip sized device that records brain signals from blood vessels close to the brain; and by video link with Assistant Professor Femke Nijboer, a neuropsychologist at Leiden University in the Netherlands who works in patient-centred tech development, neuro-engineering and ethics.

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