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Professor Joe Rizzo at VISION 2014

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Professor Joe Rizzo came to VISION 2014 - The 11th International Conference on Low Vision here in Melbourne and presented a talk on "The Boston Retinal Implant Project"

The Boston Retinal Implant Project (BRIP) was founded as a multi-disciplinary collaboration between Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the late 1980s, and contributed to the founding of the field of retinal prosthetic research together with colleagues who are now based at Second Sight Medical Products and the University of Southern California. The BRIP has followed a long-range strategy to develop technology to enable implantation of a device with hundreds of stimulation channels into the sub-retinal space. This device has been implanted into the subretinal space of pigs for up to one year with sustained electrical function and very acceptable biocompatibility, which will be demonstrated in the talk with selected photomicrographs. The BRIP is now planning to conduct the 'pre-clinical' tests that are required to obtain subsequent approval for a Phase I 'safety' study in humans. The BRIP has eagerly entered into a cooperative agreement with Bionic Vision Australia to develop common psychophysical testing methods to assess the potential benefit for future human recipients.

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